Do you only pay attention to your lawn mower when you’re using it? Like any other piece of machinery, lawn mower maintenance is crucial to keep it running. Follow these five important lawn mower maintenance tips and make a habit out of them, because keeping your lawn mower in great shape helps keep your lawn in great shape!

Mower Maintenance Tip 1:

Regularly Check The Oil

To keep the engine running smoothly, old oil should be drained and replaced regularly. Keep an eye on the oil level and look for any debris floating in it, and make a note of the colour of the oil: if it has a dark black colour, change it! When your lawn mower does need new oil, consult your owner’s manual for the correct type of oil to use. Some mowers might need a special formulation to run smoothly.

Start the oil change by taking out the spark plugs to remove any potential for the mower starting. Place a pan down and remove the drain plug underneath the mower, draining it completely. Add the new oil, filling it up to the fill line on the dipstick. 


Mower Maintenance Tip 2:

Sharpen The Blade

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A dull mower blade don’t just work ineffectively – they can actually harm your lawn. A dull blade will cut the grass unevenly, shreds the tips rather than cutting them cleanly. Grass will often turn brown, giving even an otherwise healthy lawn a brownish, dry look and opening the grass up to diseases. 

Regularly sharpening the blade will help you avoid these problems. Unless you’re mowing the lawn every day like we are, sharpening doesn’t have to be a common chore – you can have the blade sharpened once every year. 


Mower Maintenance Tip 3:

Clean Out The Discharge Chute And Undercarriage

The parts around your blade, like the undercarriage and the discharge chute for the clippings, can easily become clogged with grass. To guarantee your safety when checking out around the blade, remove the spark plug. Scrape all that caked-on grass with a stiff brush, then hose it down. Always wear work gloves, and be careful of the position of the mower blade. 

A lot of homeowners forget to clean out the underside after every use. It doesn’t take too long to brush off the blade and undercarriage after every use, and you’ll prevent a lot of build-up. 


Mower Maintenance Tip 4:

Replace Or Clean Out The Air Filter

An often overlooked part of the lawn mower is the filter. If your mower has one, read your manual to see if it’s paper or foam and to find out how to remove  it. If the filter is made of paper and it looks dirty, toss it out and replace it; if it is made of foam, wash it with soap and warm water, then air dry it, lightly coating it afterward with clean motor oil. Reinstall the filter according to your manual. 


Mower Maintenance Tip 5:

Drain The Fuel From It At The End Of The Mowing Season

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Believe it or not, gas can go stale, and old gas can be one of the biggest reasons why a mower won’t start. Don’t let the fuel sit in the tank all winter long: run the tank empty or drain it out, then fill it up with fresh gas in the spring. Adding a fuel treatment stabilizer can extend the life of the gas and protect the engine. 



With all of these tips in your lawn mower maintenance arsenal, you will be sure to keep your lawn mower in top condition. Keep your lawn looking beautiful and healthy!

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