At Green Ninja, we’ve had an exciting year so far and things certainly haven’t slowed now that it’s drawing to a close. The end of the year marks the close of a successful yard care, lawn cutting and landscaping in London Ontario and the beginning of the snow removal season for our business. We just closed an exciting snow removal giveaway contest to announce the open of this service and soon after we were contacted by Business London magazine for an exclusive feature. Our feature was published in Business London and the London Free Press in October 2018 and you can check out some of the highlights or read the entire issue below!
The feature published in these two local publications focused primarily on our relationship with SlyFox covering everything from the beginnings of our marketing partnership, logo brainstorm and brand design, website promo and customer service. Most of our recent success came as a result of the planning and execution of our property maintenance services in London.

The article explains, “Grass cutting is not usually a high dollar service, so it needs to be done professionally and efficiently to make a business out of creating custom contact forms that gather relevant information but also by operating an online chat and forwarding leads for [our] team to follow up on.”

This feature really energized us to continue on our path and further refine the customer service and booking success we’ve had this past year. As the article suggests, it doesn’t matter what you do, what matters is how committed you are to success and getting better every day. We can’t wait for what the next year holds for Green Ninja Property Maintenance!




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