Usually, we pack away our patio furniture for the winter but there are tons of beautiful landscapes that fit perfectly with a patio set near the fire! The winter may be too cold to bare but on the less chilly nights, you can still enjoy your patio to it’s fullest. Check out our ideas in making your patio ready for the winter without packing it away!

Blend Your Patio 

Create an outdoor area that blends perfectly with the indoors. If the patio feels like just another room of the house, it will be appealing and accessible any time of year! Some patios are just an outdoor room that blends seamlessly with the indoors. It can be used for lounging, dining, cooking, entertaining or watching TV. Outdoor blinds and shading can help shield the snow anyway!

Additional Roofing

Winter is one of the most magical times of the year but if you don’t prefer the snow…Try additional roofing above your patio! This can be another step towards blending your patio into another room of your house. Wooden and rustic aesthetics are on the climb right now, so rustic roofing makes the perfect match for a patio that your guests will be impressed by!

Outdoor Gas Heater 

Gas heaters are usually at restaurants but they add a very unique aspect to the design of your patio while adding warmth during the winter. They are quite affordable, and a great investment for making full use of your outdoors during the colder months. If you are not interested in a gas heater, try a fireplace!

Lighting & Accessories

Lighting is key when it comes to setting the mood, especially during dark winter nights. The perfect lighting and accessories can make a huge difference. Finish off your winter patio design with warm accessories so everyone can keep warm and entertained!


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