It’s the holiday season again and people all over the world are giving presents and receiving them. It’s easy to forget that it’s time to relax as well! Green Ninja Property Maintenance owner and founder Jordan Maclean was asked by My Corporation blog how he plans to celebrate the holiday season. Lawn care and landscaping is a hard job all year round so the main focus of the holidays at Green Ninja is to relax, bring it back to basics and spend time with family. Check out the full answer that was published in their article below:

36. Days Off To Relax

My gift to myself is taking my days off for relaxation and my personal relationships. I work long days servicing corporate and private homes landscaping and snow removal needs. This is a busy season for us. It requires a lot of physical labour and long days. I can’t let my days off slip away, so I’m figuring out a way to turn off my phone and computer. This will help me make the most for myself and my family during off time. — Jordan MacLean, Owner, Green Ninja Property Maintenance

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