Throughout October, the days get shorter and the temperature gets colder but Halloween is almost here! In late October when the ground starts to freeze you should fertilize your lawn. This will give your lawn an extra boost for spring. You may think about lighting the yard considering how dark it gets in the evening too. With all the fall changes there is still one spooky thing to look forward to for your lawn… Halloween landscapes!

Hanging Creatures 

Try hanging decorations like lights, witches, ghosts, plastic pumpkins, and spiderwebs on your trees. Just ensure that they are tree-friendly. This can offer a really cool effect and look very spooky, especially in the distance!

Graveyard Flowerbeds

Convert your dead flowerbeds into mini-graveyards! Buy props from your local stores such as skeletons and tombstones. Everyone will be amazed by this unique idea. Try raked leaves to create a graveyard. A great illusion to anyone passing by, they will always take a second look!

Jack O – Lanterns 

You can never go wrong with traditional spooky pumpkins! The bright candles and variety of pumpkins leave a great effect for your home. The traditional pumpkin will always be the cherry on top of the cake for Halloween landscape decorating! Pumpkin carving and decorating can be very diverse and fun for everyone!

Projector Lights

Projector lights have been very popular in the past few years during Halloween and the holidays. It can give an awesome lighting effect on your display or house. You can choose from different patterns, effects, and colours. Projector lights are great because they are waterproof and last during the harsh winter! Simply insert the light into your lawn and you’re ready to control with your wireless remote.

Dead Bodies? 

Some people love to get even creepier and add hanging dead bodies onto their trees or the ground! Dead bodies are a bit scarier and might be mistaken for real ones! Most importantly, this decoration is awesome for people who love to get a bit creepier…

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