The name “Green Ninja” doesn’t just sound cool and come with an inherently awesome logo. Ninjas and landscapers have a lot in common! Okay, they have two things in common, but they’re big things: patience, and skillful use of the blade.


We’ve gone through extensive, intensive training to bring you these skills, a la the heroes of such fine, true-to-life tales as the 1985 classic movie American Ninja. So here’s how our ninja skills give you the finest lawn possible!


The Ninja Art of PatienceNinja Drumming


Patience, the old saying goes, is a virtue. With lawn and gardening work, the end result is not often going to come right away. Just as we honed and perfected our skills, the perfect lawn requires careful work, attention to detail, and patience.


Kung Fu


Much like this guy, calmly working on his skills in his backyard, we have made sure we built up our landscaping skills with patience, hard work, and determination. Patience is really the only way you’ll get the best-looking lawn possible – it means you won’t pour too much fertilizer when the grass just won’t seem to grow, you won’t be watering at all hours just to make sure your new grass seeds have enough, and you won’t tear out all the sod the minute it turns slightly yellow!


Ninja Trimming

The Art of the Blade


Here’s the cool part, the one that adds a bit of danger and excitement to the landscaping profession. Much like our ninja forebears, a skilled landscaper is knowledgeable about how to safely and effectively use blades.


Instead of using traditional ninja weapon like the katana (sword), shuriken (throwing star), and kursarigama (those hook things), we use updated weapons that really help us cuts lawns. While we’d like to think that a katana, like the guy in the side GIF, would be effective for what we do, we stick with more traditional landscaping weapons, like lawnmowers.



So remember, when you hire Green Ninja, you’re getting the power and mystique of ninja mastery that delivers quality lawn care. Call us today!


Note: We’d like to reiterate that we, uh, don’t actually use ninja swords or weapons to cut your lawn or landscape. We use common landscaping tools like lawnmowers, as they are safer. We really advise that you don’t use weapons for basic lawn care, either.

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