When getting ready for the changing of the seasons and cooler weather, don’t forget that your lawn still needs work! To ensure that the grass comes out from under the snow healthy and green, there are a number of steps you should consider taking before it gets too cold.


Some aren’t hard – in fact, most are common sense! But some tips people don’t really consider as important maintenance work. Read these five tips and think about your lawn routine!


1. Keep doing what you’re doing (with a little change-up)


Keep mowing and cutting your grass until the end of the season and the frost sets in. It might not sound fun, but keep your schedule going. For the last couple of mowings of the fall, set the blades to the lowest setting, so there’s less browning during winter.


raking leaves2. Stay on top of the leaves


It’s very, very important to remove the leaves as soon as they fall; definitely don’t wait for all the leaves to fall before you begin to rake. If you wait too long, the dew and moisture can turn the leaf litter into a mat that will promote the growth of mold, suffocating and killing the grass. If you don’t like raking (or aren’t physically able), use a lawnmower with a bagging system. You really can’t wait to take care of fallen leaves!


3. Aerate your lawn


aerate lawn

Aeration is a step a lot of people don’t really consider, but it can be the best thing to help your lawn grow beautifully and strong. The process sees you punching small holes in your yard. Aerating will allow water, oxygen, and fertilizer to reach the roots, allowing them to grow deeper, and this strengthens the grass and lets it come back thicker and better in spring.


If you’d like to take care of it yourself, machines can be rented and aren’t too hard to control yourself.


4. Fertilize


Give your lawn one last meal full of key nutrients and spread a layer of fertilizer. This will help strengthen it during the cooler months and help it come back healthy in spring. You can find formulas that are made for the autumn season at local stores – choose one, ask questions, and follow the directions exactly. Or call us to apply a little TLC before the first snow falls.


5. Weed


The battle over your lawn can be a tough one, and it doesn’t end in summer. You already know weeds are incredibly hardy, and stragglers can still affect your grass in fall. Take care of any unwanted pests before falling leaves, frost, and snow make it hard for you to kill them. Many species can still be aggressive in fall, giving them a foothold come spring that will make it tough for you to manage!


If you’re in need of a helping hand, give us a call! We can make sure your lawn stays healthy and strong throughout the cold months and comes through the other side looking better than ever!


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