Going out into the summer heat can feel like opening your oven door – a blast that hits you in the face and makes you feel withered just standing there. Now imagine how your grass feels when the temperature soars above 30 degrees and the sun’s rays are beating down on it all day.

Well, OK, the grass is actually better at dealing with the heat than you are. But if you want to prevent it from going dormant, turning brown, or dying, there are some basic summer lawn care tips that will help you and your lawn get through summer together!

Standard Lawn Care

The state of your lawn mower matters a lot. Keep it at the right height, because while shorter grass might mean fewer cuttings, it can’t produce enough energy to keep growing healthy. Longer grass shades the soil reduces, moisture evaporation, and lets roots grow deeper.

If your grass is a “cool season grass” (like Kentucky bluegrass), an ideal length is two to four inches; if it’s a “warm season grass” (Bermuda grass, for instance), keep it one to three inches. Ensure your mower’s blades sharp, so that the grass isn’t ragged and uneven.

After mowing, let the clippings lay on your summer lawn. It helps keep moisture in, provides valuable nitrogen, and will save you time and energy by not having to lay down fertilizer in the future! If you’re living through a drought, though, don’t cut your lawn frequently. The grass is under stress and won’t have the same ability to recover.

Speaking of droughts, your watering habits might not be what you assume. Often people think that grass should be frequently soaked during drought conditions. However, the grass is quite hardy in droughts and is also more susceptible to disease when it is oversaturated. Your lawn should be watered deeply, but infrequently.

Family Matters

How you interact with your lawn can mean the difference between a lush green yard and one spotted with brown. Try to stay off the lawn; this is easier said than done, especially if you have children. Perhaps consider restricting your activities to the backyard (your neighbours can’t see then, anyway!). Don’t leave toys, pool equipment, lawn furniture, etc. on the lawn, and definitely, definitely don’t park your car on it!

Don’t let your dog’s dropping stay on the grass – it can kill your grass and cause brown spots. Even urine can do damage; you can flush the spot with water to prevent it from doing any harm. If that seems like too much work, have a spot for your pet to relieve itself, or take it to the park (while it might seem tough to resist, keep your pet off your neighbour’s grass!).

Summer Vacation

If you leave on a lengthy summer vacation, have someone tend to your lawn. Don’t risk potential droughts, weeds, and seasonal summer lawn abuse. That’s where we come in!



If you need summer lawn care, call us today. We’ll tend to your property as if it were our own, and get it through any difficulties you wouldn’t have known about until you got home!




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